Katie & Emmie Slaven

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Emmie and Katie Slaven are a sister/ songwriter duo specializing in gospel and country music. Accompanied with their acoustic guitar, they bring many of the stories to life through a sweet melody. Born and Raised in the Rolling foothills of the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee, their history and country roots run deep. Both girls are passionate about their upbringing as farmers. Being raised on their small family farm and in their small country church, they were taught early the importance of hard work and the appreciation of life. "Country as cornbread" is the way you will find them describing themselves a lot of times. Emmie is the youngest of the two sisters. She sings lead and plays the guitar. She is a self taught artist first beginning to play mandolin at age 8. From there she moved on to the acoustic guitar as well as a variety of other instruments. She has often describes her music techniques as a reflection of the inspiration she received from her favorite artist over the years. She is the free spirited one of the two, and will do almost anything she can to see someone laugh. Her love for life lights up the room when she walks in, making her a very memorable person. Katie is the oldest of the two and a bit more reserved than that of Emmie. If there is an animal within two miles of her, it is almost certain you will find her there also making friends. While she is capable of singing lead, you will often notice her singing high lead, tenor, and alto behind her sister.  Behind many of the songs that the girls have composed, there is a story from the past that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you have ever listened to any of the girls songs, whether they were the gospel or the country genre I am sure you have been able to detect the sincerity in the lyrics. The family holds many stories ranging from your typical love stories to that of being blessed with preachers, singers, and educators; all the way back to the days of moon-shining when the girls family done what it took to keep their families fed. But the most important thing that all of their stories has proven is that with family, despite your economical wealth; you are rich and will persevere.  

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